The Pacifist Memorial

The Animal Rights Memorial in Sherborn, MA

Take a minute to learn more about Emily the Cow and the Animal Rights Memorial in Sherborn, MA, that honors her memory and the values she inspired in us all. Contact us today to learn more about Emily’s legacy.

“The overwhelming feeling I have is of the rightness of the monument there, and of its power, and that it is and will continue to be a potent seed-planter for peace, vegan living, and inspiration for a world beyond war and injustice.”

Emily the Cow

Emily the Cow gained international attention after escaping a Hopkinton slaughterhouse in 1995. Emily’s story is one of survival, perseverance, and inspiration. After hearing of Emily’s escape, Meg and Lewis Randa, Life Experience School co-directors, brought her to live at the Peace Abbey. Emily served as a loving symbol of courage, inner wisdom, and survival to thousands of people who came to know and love her. After eight years in town, Emily died on March 30th, 2003, of cancer. A life-size bronze statue adorned with a blanket and flowers, Hindu signs of respect, stands at her eternal resting place, where Emily the Cow will live on as a symbol of vegetarianism, humanity, and nonviolence. She encouraged many to embark on the road to vegetarianism and cruelty-free living while inspiring people to appreciate the sacredness of all life.

Emily’s gentle and loving nature imbued us all with a better understanding and respect for all creatures with whom we share this planet. This is her legacy. Emily’s spirit will live on in the hearts and minds of those who were touched by her grace and beauty. Hair clippings from Emily’s markings on her forehead and from the tip of her tail, traces of her blood, and a piece of golden thread (placed through Emily’s ear by Hindu priest Krishna Bhatta of the Lakshmi Temple) were released into the holy river Ganges in the city of Benares, India. Abbey members Bram and Elizabeth DeVeer organized and assisted the Temple priest in this traditional sacred cow ritual on the Ganges River in April 2003.

The Animal Rights Memorial in honor of Emily the Cow is owned and under the care of The Peace Abbey Foundation in perpetuity. The Story of Emily the Cow is available on Amazon or at Barnes and Nobles. All proceeds go to the care of Emily’s memorial. In Emily’s memory, we offer “vegan coaching” and a crash course in becoming a vegetarian/vegan.